About David Tiller


David was born in Atlanta, GA and grew up in the small town of Pulaski, VA. David enlisted in the military out of high school and was stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA. While in the military, he headed to St. Augustine, FL on a weekend trip and ended up meeting his future wife Nicole. David has been deployed to Bosnia and Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Now, he and his wife and their four children call St. Augustine home. David is a former police officer with St. Augustine Beach Police Department and a former Deputy Sheriff with the St. Johns County Sheriffs Office. Now, David is helping families find their perfect home in Florida as a real estate agent with Davidson Realty. David is excited to be working with Share Her Smile. David and his sister Rachel were always inseparable. They shared a bond like no other brother and sister. David's last memory of Rachel is that of them holding hands listening to music together as she took her last breath of life. David will use his various backgrounds in law enforcement and real estate to lead Share Her Smile and to carry on Rachel's legacy to be a nationally known and recognized company that helps transplant patients and their families. No matter what David is doing, he is always Sharing Her Smile!