About Share Her Smile

Share Her Smile is founded in memory of Rachel Elizabeth Gregory, a courageous 27 year old young woman who lost her battle with liver disease while awaiting a liver transplant. Rachel was from Greenville, SC, and traveled approximately 3 1/2 hours to meet with her transplant team at MUSC. Suites and hotels simply couldn't provide the quiet and relaxing environment to afford Rachel the restorative rest she required for her appointments. During each trip to Charleston Rachel would comment on how nice it would be if a facility strictly for transplant patients existed in the area. It soon became her goal to build such a facility, once she became well enough. Sadly, after being on the transplant list a mere 35 days, Rachel lost her battle on February 5, 2014. While she did not live to see her dream become a reality, it is because of her courage, strength, and determination that we honor her by continuing to fulfill her dream.

The name, Share Her Smile, originated with a fundraiser hosted by a friend and co-worker of Rachel's. This friend wanted to assist Rachel with expenses, and needed a name for the event. She stated no matter how poorly Rachel was feeling, she always had a smile on her face. Hence, Share Her Smile was born! Officially recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS in January, 2015, Share Her Smile is governed by a community Board of Directors. Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions!

David Tiller

Chairman of the Board

Beth Gregory

Operating Officer